paralympics in athens

september 17th - 28th, 2004

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We travelled to athens on september 13th already. It was a long day for us. Early in the morning we had to be at the airport in vienna. Late in the afternoon we arrived at the paralympic village. No wonder we were hungry.

For all resindents of the village there was a huge tent where food from all over the world was offered. Next to the tent athletes and their coaches and guards had the possibility to access the internet, to let their hair cut and to buy important things in the "international zone".

In the southern part as well as in the northern part of the village there was a resident center where you could spend your free time. Residents also had the possibility to get their crutches or wheel-chairs repaired, to get their clothes washed and to relax at the swimming-pool at the northern end of the village. The stadium right next to the gym was perfect for running and jumping. There lots of athletes could prepare for their events. For competitors in throwing-events there was an extra stadium a bit outside of the village.

Thank god it was not difficult to get to the place you want. There was an internal bus which could bring you whereever you want in the village. Of course you could reach some places by foot but the village was about 1500 x 1000 m large. At the stadium which is located at the northern end of the village buses started to bring you to different stadiums for practising.

I really enjoyed my stay at the paralympic village. All residents from all over the world lived together peacefully and undertook lots of different and interesting things. I liked the resident centers and the swimming-pool most. After my competition you mostly could find me there, accessing the internet, playing billard or swimming in the pool.