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I had my first experience in the golf sport in summer 1993 in 9th grade of high school. Golf was offered as one sports during a sport week. Normally it is known as an activity for older people but still I decided on that sport. Soon I realized that it can be a great thing for everyone. I was fascinated of the fact that someone can bring such a small ball with such a simple movement that high in the air, that near to the desired purpose. Golf is also the only sport where I need my prosthetic. In 1994 we, my father and me, became members of a 9-hole golf course. From that time on we both spent a lot of time at the golf course. Here for non-golf-experts I would like to explain the most important keywords.


Professional golfers should reach a hole with a certain number of strokes (par). A beginner will not be able to challenge a pro. So someone new in that sport will get an advantage when plaing against a professional. On a round of 18 holes this advantage at the moment is 54 strokes (handicap 54). Per hole a beginner may need 3 strokes more. The better someone plays in tournaments, the more someone improves his handicap. At the moment I have a handicap of 29.5. My father has 24.0.


Par describes the number of strokes which a golf pro should need to get the ball into the hole. There are par 3-, par 4- and par 5 holes. The longest distance of a par-3-hole is 230 meters. It is planned that someone is able to reach the green or the area around the green with his first stroke. Then there is a chip or a putt to approach - and finally there is the third stroke to putt the ball into the hole. Par-5-holes are longer than 420 m. Here you it is okay to reach the green with your third stroke. Strokes number 4 and 5 are approach and putt again.


The purpose of every lane is to putt the ball into the hole. Therefore we also call the lanes "holes".


This is the area between tee and green which allows a good contact between club and ball by its cropped grass. A player tries to play the ball onto the Fairway if he cannot reach the green yet.


This is the area of a lane where the grass is not cropped and where a good contact requires more skills.


A sandy obstacle; often around the green


This is the longest club. Good players hit the ball longest with the driver. Some professionals reach a distance over 300 yards with it.


Here you do the first stroke on the lane.


1 under par, so a stroke better than par


2 under par


1 over par

You can take up to 14 clubs on a course. The longer the club, the lower is its number and the further you can hit the ball.