German Championship in Wilhelmshaven

july 16th - 18th, 2004


rank name nation height
1. Dennis Wliszczak Austria 1.65 m
1. Gunther Belitz Germany 1.65 m
3. Leszek Cmikiewicz Poland 1.55 m
4. Marcel Jaroslawski Poland 1.55 m
5. Peter Reinke Germany 1.45 m


video:  some of the attempts during the competition


There's still lots of room between me and the bar; nice jump therefore.


That time we had our own competition for class F42. There were 7 starters in the beginning. Unforntunately one was injured and could not compete. Heinrich Popow had another problem. He had lots of events only an hour or two before. He resigned from high-jump.

When I started (1.50 m) there were two guys from Poland (including the current european champion) and a new F42-competitor from the eastern part of Germany I had to deal with. The other German, Gunther Belitz, started at 1.60 m. We both had a bad first jump at that height. Not so at 1.65 m. We only had one attempt that time; an attempt which was very strange in my case. As I noticed when I analysed the jump on video I came very close to the bar, became very slow in front of the bar and only jumped high into the air. I paid lots of attention to my leg, I made sure to rotate early enough. And the bar didn't fall. That was most important. Gunther had no problems with 1.65 m. He cleared that height easily. But none of us had a successful attempt at 1.70 m.

Both of us jumped 1.65 m in our first attempts. Both of us had one failure at 1.60 m. That meant that both of us won the gold medal. Normally it is not possible to have two gold medalists but the guards decided the competition was over. Now I am not only international German indoor champion, I'm international German champion in high-jump also outdoor. And this time the european champion (3rd) competed.

Gunther and I both were allowed to head up to the top of the podium.
Unfortunately the third-placed Leszek Cmikiewicz was not at the stadium any more.
The victory ceremony was held one day after the competition.