European Championships (Helsinki)

august 22th - 27th, 2005

rank name nation height medal
1. Marcel Jaroslawski POL 1 m   68 cm gold
2. Dennis Wliszczak AUT 1 m   65 cm silver
3. Heinrich Popow GER 1 m   65 cm bronze
4. Hristo Gerganski BUL 1 m   50 cm
5. Athanasios Deligiorgis GRE 1 m   40 cm

my jumps:



On Thursday, August 25th, the high jump event took place. There were 5 competitors, three of them in the role of the favorites. Hristo Gerganski and Athanasios Deligiorgis were not expected to have a chance for a medal.

The three of us - Marcel Jaroslawski, Heinrich Popow and me - we started at 1.50 m. With our first jump we all had a medal for sure because Hristo failed at the following height. Heinrich had one bad jump at 1.59 m and two of them at 1.62. All the other jumps were valid until 1.68 m. All three of us jumped 1.65 in our first attempts. Marcel and I, we were in the lead, we had no fail-attempts yet. Heinrich was third at the moment. He would have to jump 1.68 m to take the lead. But he didn't. In my first and second attempt it was really close, but still, the bar fell down. When I faild my last attempt Heinrich and Marcel both could overtake me by succeeding in their last attempts. Heinrich failed, I had silver for sure now. If Marcel would have failed too, we had to continue jumping to decide who is the winner. But Marcel only toched the bar and it didn't fall. He is the European Champion. Now he tried to reach a new personal best, 1.73 m. But he failed three times.

I hoped to win the title, it was close, I had my chance, but I was not good enough that day. Nevertheless I'm satisfied with my performance. Let's see if there will be a chance again to get the title in 2 or in four years.